3DMed – Development and streamlined integration of 3D printing
technologies to enable advanced medical treatment and its
widespread application


36 months (Oct 2018-Sep 2021)​

EU Funding

€ 4.10 million ​

Total budget

€6.84 million

Overall Objectives

3DMed aims to improve affordability and large scale accessibility of medical treatment using 3D printed devices. This will be achieved by increasing the TRL of state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies for medical applications and integrating them into a streamlined, fast, cost-effective software platform for use in routine clinical practice. The main objectives are:

  • Objective 1 – Streamlining and integration
  • Objective 2 – Technology development
  • Objective 3 – Validation


3D printing (3DP) technologies carry the promise of revolutionizing the quality and efficiency of healthcare. However, the required technologies, even when available, are currently too fragmented to be integrated into routine, affordable and streamlined solutions that can benefit a large number of patients. The challenge thereby is to deliver 3DP technologies enabling:

  • Patient-specific solutions: personalized medical devices that are designed using the images acquired for individual patients and best fit their treatment needs;
  • Complexity and miniaturization: complex shapes, articulations and miniaturized geometries of implantable medical devices and instruments have the potential to radically enhance treatment effectiveness and post-treatment recovery;
  • Streamlined care: the ability to integrate diagnosis, design and manufacturing of 3DP medical devices into a validated software platform is the key to delivering fast, affordable treatments with dramatic life-saving potential.

Therefore, 3DMed aims to improve affordability and large scale accessibility of medical treatment using 3D printed devices. Top universities and innovative companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK will join forces in an unprecedented exercise to explore the full potential of the 3D printing technology for advanced medical care.

Expected results

  • Streamlined care by integrating diagnosis, design and manufacturing of 3DP medical
    devices with post operatory evaluation into a validated and widely accessible software
  • Personalized medical devices (prostheses, implants, orthoses), designed using the images acquired for individual patients. Using 3D printing technology to achieve these customised devices will also trigger a drop in the cost of the device.
  • Complex shapes and miniaturized geometries for implants and surgical instruments, as well as functionalised devices to enhance treatment effectiveness and post-treatment recovery.

Project Partners

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Information and contact 

Pim Pellikaan


+31 15 200 21 51