Your Job

The candidate will be responsible for development and experimental validation of the functionality of the next stage prototype of the device in compliance with the Design Control procedures.
The candidate must possess and apply knowledge of medical device engineering principles, practices, and procedures and is also responsible for maintaining compliance with industry guidelines, GMP, regulatory requirements, and maintaining Design History Files. The candidate should be able to interpret complex medical literature and be able to communicate with medical professionals to translate their needs and demands into the design of the device.

You have

  • Knowledge about hard tissues and their interaction with the surface of the implants.
  • Knowledge in human anatomy/hands-on operation; we expect the candidate to have experience in dissection of the vertebrae, cleaning soft tissues surrounding each vertebra and performing the operation by following the defined procedure. In this process, the candidate will get some training and vision from our surgical committee.
  • Knowledge of documentation based on regulatory
  • Finite element modelling (FEM) of the regenerated bone. The candidate will get additional help/training from our engineers.

In an ideal case, the candidate holds a biomedical engineering degree (preferably a PhD degree) and he/she has passed some courses of anatomy, biology and QA/QC. Alternatively, he/she is a medical doctor with some experience on mechanical engineering.

He/she will be able to establish themselves as an expert in the field and have an impact on the strategy and success of Amber Implants. Furthermore, he/she will receive specialized training through workshops, conferences and courses.

Since this project is supported by the EU, there are three extra criteria as follow:

  1. The candidate is a European citizen
  2. The candidate holds a Ph.D. degree or has equivalent research expertise
  3. The candidate has not been living more than 12 months in the last 3 years in the Netherlands

We offer

  • An exciting, open work environment where new challenges are faced every day.
  • The opportunity to improve patient care and deliver high-quality products.
  • Personal and professional growth and development opportunities.
  • A market-conform salary.

Working at Amber Implants will provide the candidate with an international network in the medical industry via the collaborations of Amber Implant with medical centers, universities and industry partners. Moreover, the candidate will be able to extend his/her expertise on medical engineering and/or medical biology.

To apply, please send you motivation letter together with you full CV to
For more information you can always contact us.