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Amber Implants is a medical technology company located in the Netherlands, with a focus on the design and manufacturing of implants with porous structures using additive manufacturing technology.

Our work methodology seeks the excellence and quality of the final product. Our cooperative philosophy is based on six fundamental pillars:

Presenting a unique solution that satisfies all the needs of our patients.

Constantly improving our product quality and quantity

Conducting our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner

Employing a diverse, innovative and results-oriented team

Constantly learning and attentive to market innovations

Passion for our work

Why we do this?

Life expectancy in modern societies is ever increasing due to advancements in technology. What is still in question, is how many years we can live with a proper body function. One common disease of aging is Osteoporosis, which causes around 9 million bone fractures each year due to osteoporosis worldwide; this means an osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds [1]. In Europe, the number of fractures was reported 3.5 million in 2010 [2], and this number is anticipated to be 4.5 million in 2025 corresponding to an increase of 28% [3].

Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures affect around 1.4 million patients globally every year. In North America, the lifetime risk of clinically evident vertebral fracture is 15.6% for 50-year-old women, and this number increases with the age due to increase of osteoporosis in older people.  In the USA, approximately 700,000 new osteoporotic fractures are seen every year, of which one-third become chronically painful and therefore diagnosed.

Our Technology

The aim of Amber Implants is to tackle these problems and play a role, even a small share, in an improvement of patients’ quality of life. To achieve this, we come up with three different methods:


Spinal treatments Using Additive manufacturing (AM).
Amber Implants uses this manufacturing technique to print the unique complex designs with titanium alloy.
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Innovative designs for advanced capabilities.
Our devices and surgical procedures are more functional and simple to increase patient safety.
Spinal treatments
Spinal treatments Using porous titanium structure.
By mimicking the structure of the bone, the osteoinductivity of the implant is enhanced, which accelerates the recovery of the patient and guarantees the success of the surgery.

Who makes Amber possible

Our team

Mohammad AhmadiCo-founder, CTO
Mohammad AhmadiCo-founder, CTO
Banafsheh SajadiCo-founder, CEO
Banafsheh SajadiCo-founder, CEO
Pim PellikaanProduct design engineer
Pim PellikaanProduct design engineer

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