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At Amber Implants we provide a new treatment for vertebral compression fractures

As a company, we are committed to improving the quality of life of the patient. Therefore we address unmet clinical needs. With this purpose in mind, our company prioritizes the optimization of our products and procedures for the patient’s well-being.

Spine with vertebra
Vertebral Compression Fracture

Vertebral Fractures

Vertebral compression fracture

One of the more commonly occurring fracture types is Vertebral Compression Fractures (VCFs). VCFs are cracks in the vertebral body that often occur due to osteoporosis and low bone density in old patients. However, they can also be caused by trauma, tumors, or other bone diseases.

Burst fractures

A traumatic spinal injury in which a vertebra breaks due to a high-energy axial load is called a burst fracture. For instance, this happens in traffic collisions, falls from a great height, and some types of seizures.  Moreover, a burst fracture can lead to shards of vertebra penetrating surrounding tissues and sometimes the spinal canal.

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Amber Implants aims to provide a new and complete treatment for a wide variety of vertebral fractures.


Yearly, more than 1.5 million people suffer from vertebral fractures. Additionally, a vertebral fracture is a life-threatening disease and causes severe back pain, limited mobility, height loss, and several other issues.

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65% of the vertebral fractures patients experience serious side effects with existing treatments. Some of these effects are caused by the injection of PMMA bone cement into the vertebra.


Higher morbidity levels were reported in patients treated with non-surgical VCF methods when  compared to patients that are treated surgically (also depending on the method).


Back pain due to vertebral compression fracture

Back pain

Limited mobility due to vertebral compression fracture

Limited mobility

Kyphosis due to vertebral compression fracture

Height loss

Amber Implants is introducing VCFix® Spinal System, a vertebral body augmentation system to improve pain control and stabilize the spine in patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures (VCFs).