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The VCFix® Spinal System is a revolutionary vertebral body augmentation system to improve pain control and stabilize the spine in patients suffering from Vertebral Compression Fractures.

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Amber Implant’s first product, VCFix, is designed for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures. The product, consisting of a preparation, implantation and an optional supplementary fixation kit, is intended to be used to treat and reduce compression fractures in vertebrae that have collapsed due to trauma, tumor or degenerative diseases.

CAUTION Investigational device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

VCFix®: improving the treatment of spinal fractures

Angle height Surface

Introducing osseointegration

With an optimized perforated structure and appropriate mechanical properties, an ideal bone-implant interface is achieved.

Feature cementless

Stand-alone implant

Thanks to its robustness, VCFix® is not relying on any types of bone cement for maintenance of the fracture. This allows for a faster procedure and avoids the risks of cement injection.

Amber Implants FDA Breakthrough Device Designation

Personalized restoration

By offering different sizes and an adjustable angular expansion mechanism, VCFix® is optimized for each patient for fracture reduction and anatomical restoration.

Feature pedicle fixation

Better stabilization

VCFix® provides pedicle anchorage to better distribute the biomechanical load on the vertebral body and the spine. For more complex fractures,  posterior fixation is optional. 

VCFix® system timeline

Product initiation

Idea generation and patent protection

Breakthrough designation

Official kick off of the project, including feasibility studies and receiving breakthrough designation

current status
Product validation

Including preclinical validations, supply chain integration, process validation

as planned
Clinical validation

Start of the clinical trials