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Kansen Voor West III

At the start of this year we announced that Ambre Implants was granted a subsidy of 500.000 Euro in the framework of the Kansen voor West programme. Last week, we kicked-off the project “User-friendliness validation and surgical training for VCFix Spinal System“.

The aim of this specific project is to:

  1. Further develop the VCFix system to pass all predefined internal verification and validation steps.
  2. Train surgeons to use the VCFix implant: Amber Implants will first train the surgeons with training materials, then using synthetic models, and finally with cadavers in a simulated environment. 
  3.  Collect feedback from surgeons to improve design and create an optimised surgical procedure.
  4. Create a training centre with trainers who can guarantee knowledge transfer. This is an essential next step for VCFix to enter the market as a new medical device developed in The Hague, the Netherlands.

With these steps, not only will we bring our device closer to the market and the clinic, but we will also contribute to the economic growth of the MedTech sector in The Hague.

The Kansen Voor West III programme is largely financed by the European Fund for Regional Development, aims to boost the economy in the Randstad by supporting knowledge valorisation and innovation in regional SMEs.